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Activity Centers

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Activity Centers Riverfront
Activity Centers Riverfront
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Indicator Charts
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Activity Centers Riverfront
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AssumptionActivity CentersRiverfront
DistanceToEmploymentCenter0.50 miles0.50 miles
Percent Poverty15 percent15 percent
DistanceToInterchange1.50 miles1.50 miles
DistanceToPark0.25 miles0.25 miles
DistanceToRetail0.50 miles0.50 miles
DistanceToTrail0.25 miles0.25 miles
DistanceToTransit0.25 miles0.25 miles
Low Income13,520 $13,520 $
Minority Percent24 percent24 percent
Population2.20 2.20
StudentsPerHousehold1.10 children1.10 children

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IndicatorActivity CentersRiverfront
EmploymentCenterHousing134,000 164,000
ParkHousing27,200 37,600
ParkPopulation25.77 sq feet25.77 sq feet
RetailHousing43,200 48,200
School Struggle DU1,212,600 du2,218,800 du
School Struggle Jobs5,482,500 jobs10,965,000 jobs
AverageDistanceToInterchange1.27 miles1.79 miles
Brownfield20 66
FloodPriority114 63
Greenfield330 310
InterchangeEmploy147,500 129,500
InterchangeHousing37,600 28,800
Low Income0 0
Minority71 count119 count
ParkEmploy98,000 140,000
Population110,000.00 110,000.00
Poverty27 31
SewerEmploy143,000 173,500
SewerHousing42,000 dwellunits43,800 dwellunits
TrailEmploy71,000 115,000
TrailHousing14,600 29,200
TransitEmploy9,500 20,000
TransitHousing2,600 2,000
WaterEmploy144,000 174,500
WaterHousing44,000 dwellunits47,800 dwellunits

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