Did You Know…

Allegheny County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2020 Update

The Allegheny County Department of Emergency Services (ACES) is working on an update the Allegheny County Hazard Mitigation Plan. Due to be completed in 2020, ACES will work with all 130 municipalities to identify potential risks within the County and determine potential strategies to mitigate the risk. When complete the Plan will be submitted to the PEMA and FEMA for review and approval. To be eligible for federal Hazard Mitigation grants, all levels of government must participate in the planning process and approve Comprehensive Hazard Mitigation Plans every 5 years. New for this update is the incorporation of elements of the Allegheny County Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan, which was approved by PA PADEP in May of 2018. Working to identify risks and mitigate the effects of disasters / emergencies when they do occur is the hallmark of a resilient community. Allegheny County has proved to be a resilient community…because of its people! For more information visit Allegheny County Department of Emergency Services.

Allegheny County Landslide Portal

Checkout the new Allegheny County Landslide Portal for detailed information on landslides and other ground instability problems. This great resource, which is available to everyone, includes an interactive map of potentially landslide-prone areas; information about the causes, types and effects of landslides; a photo library of landslide / ground instability warning signs; and a wealth of other information for addressing, mitigating, and preventing problems.

Land Conveyancing

Recording a plan of subdivision alone does not change the ownership of the property. If a plan of subdivision shows a subdivision and transfer of land between landowners, the landowners must also prepare and record a deed or deeds. Only when the deed is recorded will the ownership of the property be changed as shown on the plan. The plan of subdivision and the required deed/s must also be recorded within the same year. Until the deeds are recorded, the properties in the subdivision will continue to be assessed to whoever owned land at the time the plan was recorded. If you have any questions about this, please contact ACDRE at 412-350-4226.

PAAC Guidelines

The Port Authority’s new guidelines for transit-oriented development and bus stops are available for municipalities and others to use. Visit the new Transportation Resources page for more information.

Active Transportation Resource Center

The Active Transportation Resource Center, hosted by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, is your one-stop shop for all things related to active transportation. You’ll find the latest on funding opportunities, policy options and initiatives, and engineering treatments and best practices among others.