Below is a brief summary of projects that are consistent with and contribute to the implementation of Allegheny Places:


  • The Allegheny County 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update is the County's strategy for reducing loss of life and property from hazards. Allegheny County's 2015 HMP Update has been completed and granted approval pending adoption (APA) status by FEMA. This means that while the plan does not need more revisions, it cannot be fully "FEMA-Approved" until it is adopted by all of Allegheny County's participating municipalities. Now that the plan has been granted "APA," Allegheny County Emergency Services will work on getting the plan adopted. This process must be completed by February of 2017 when the current plan expires. Read more.
  • Pivot Millvale – building community through ecodistrict planning
    The Borough of Millvale is a classic western Pennsylvania milltown with a compact residential and commercial district woven into a dramatic landscape of hillsides and waterfront. Similar to many of the riverfront industrial communities, Millvale suffered a loss of business and population as the steel industry declined in the region. To further complicate matters, Millvale sits at the bottom of the Girty's Run watershed where upstream development has repeatedly caused flooding in its business district and residential areas. Over the years, Millvale officials have worked to rehabilitate and rejuvenate the community in the face of economic adversity, flood events, and environmental challenges.

    Recently, the community has seen return on these efforts as the community is receiving attention for its affordability and livability and proactive efforts. The community has embarked on an Ecodistricts planning process and evolveEA has been proud to facilitate Ecodistrict training with the community. The training was intended to build the community's capacity to catalyze renewal by introducing residents to Ecodistrict concepts, contextualizing current community efforts, and by asking residents to envision how Ecodistrict principles might be applied in future planning projects. (Source: evolveEA)


  • Homewood TRID
    Over the past year, Homewood residents and stakeholders have been developing a vision for the area around the Homewood Station on the Martin Luther King, Jr. East Busway. During the process, they identified key public improvements to support development near the station and evaluated potential mechanisms for financing the improvements. Click here to view a presentation from the project's final public meeting.
  • Bus Rapid Transit
    Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, and the Port Authority of Allegheny County are moving ahead with efforts to improve transit within a corridor encompassing Downtown Pittsburgh, Uptown, Oakland, and other East End neighborhoods. Over the next year, project sponsors will be undertaking preliminary design of the corridor which may include improvements such as frequent transit service, simple route structure, exclusive bus lanes, enhanced stops and stations, and special vehicles among others. Information about the project and upcoming meetings can be found on the Port Authority website.
  • Three Rivers Heritage Trail Connector – Planning and Construction Underway
    Allegheny County was successful in obtaining a grant to construct bike lanes and shared travel lanes across the length of Neville Island. In addition, the grant will allow planners to finalize the bike route through Stowe Township and McKees Rocks Borough. When completed, the link will connect to the City of Pittsburgh on the southern end and Coraopolis on the northern end. At Coraopolis, the connector will provide access to the Ohio River Trail, the Montour Trail, and the new Sports and Athletics Complex at Montour Junction (a new County park). Construction of the Neville Island section will occur in early 2016.
  • CSX Intermodal Freight Rail System
    CSX held a groundbreaking in December 2015 for its new 70-acre intermodal facility in McKees Rocks Borough and Stowe Township. CSX will invest more than $60 million to redevelop a former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Rail Yard. The new facility will connect shippers to CSX's extensive intermodal freight rail system, including the National Gateway corridor which facilitates the shipping of doublestack containers between the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic ports. Construction on the site began in late 2015. The facility is expected to open in late 2017.


  • Turtle Creek Rail Trail Update – A major trail project that has been years in the making got well underway in 2015. When completed the project will create a linked greenway and trail system in Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties. Named for the creek it runs beside, the Turtle Creek Rail Trail encompasses 9.5 miles of abandoned rail corridor from Trafford to Export. The linear rail corridor was purchased by Westmoreland County with public and private grants, including local fund-raising. It is part of the Regional Trail Corporation network, and extends the Westmoreland Heritage Trail into Allegheny County through Monroeville. An Allegheny County CITF grant was awarded for engineering design and site preparation work in Monroeville. PennDOT and DCNR Grant awards will fund trail construction from Trafford to Murrysville. Final design of the trail and trailheads has been completed, with an anticipated construction date of Spring 2017. When complete, the Turtle Creek Rail Trail will provide recreation opportunities for children and adults long into the future.


  • Allegheny County Stormwater Management Plan – As an implementation activity of AlleghenyPlaces, the County is developing a county-wide Act 167 stormwater management plan. Phase 1 is complete, and Phase II planning is currently underway. The final Plan will include a model stormwater management ordinance, provide green solutions to control stormwater runoff, and assist municipalities and the County to comply with state mandates for stormwater management planning as required by Act 167. A copy of the Phase I report is available on the project webpage at For more information please contact William McLain at 412-350-1361.

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