Rich Fitzgerald

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald welcomes you...

to the website of Allegheny Places, the official Allegheny County comprehensive plan.

Allegheny Places, adopted in November 2008, is Allegheny County's award winning comprehensive land use plan.

What is a County Comprehensive Plan? Counties are required by state law to adopt a land use and growth management plan which establishes broad goals and criteria to guide municipalities in the preparation of their plans.

Allegheny Places meets the requirements of state law - but is so much more! Allegheny Places is a unique blueprint for a sustainable future envisioned by the citizens of the County, where:

  • Equity and diversity is an integral part of land use policy and decision-making
  • Stable, well-paying jobs are available in a diversified economy
  • A consistent, coordinated development process fosters sound growth and development
  • Greater sharing of services and facilities ensures citizens a cost-effective, high quality of life
  • Quality housing meets a diversity of needs and is readily available
  • New transit-oriented development and walkable mixed-use development provide energy-efficient options for living and working
  • Revitalized neighborhoods and communities celebrate Allegheny County's unique culture and history
  • An efficient multi-modal transportation system connects people and places
  • Greenways protect vital natural features and enhance Allegheny County's scenic beauty

ACED's Planning Division would be happy to meet with your municipality or organization to talk about Allegheny Places. Just give us a call at 412-350-1030.


The 2017 AlleghenyPlaces Municipal Planning Grant program is open and accepting applications. This year municipalities have the option of asking the COG to administer the grant. Contact Chris Goswick at 412-350-1025 for more information.

A new grant program, the Allegheny County Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) Mini Grant program, will help municipalities cover the cost of updating their SWM ordinances for compliance with the Allegheny County SWMP. Applications will be accepted following approval of the County SWMP by PADEP. For more information about the grant program contact Kay Pierce at 412-350-1030. For more information about the Allegheny County SWMP, visit

The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (WPRDC) is a free open data portal with topic areas posted by organizations such as the City, County, SPC, Port Authority, etc.

Planning Division and the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) are exploring ways in which Allegheny Places can support the Plan for a Healthier Allegheny initiative, through updated land use policies and innovative strategies that municipalities can use to increase opportunities for physical activity and access to healthy food in their communities.

Interest in an "implementable" approach to comprehensive planning continues to grow, here and throughout the Commonwealth. For examples of implementable comprehensive plans and other helpful information, look under Implementable Comprehensive Plans in the Toolbox.

Allegheny County has an active transportation plan that recommends ways to integrate non-vehicular modes, such as walking and biking, into the transportation system. Download the plan from the Quick Links box below. Call Ann Ogoreuc, Manager of Transportation Initiatives, at (412) 350-4549 if you have any questions.